FEIT English summary

FEIT®, the natural no-nonsense key to your performance
Crisar’s FEIT technique will help you to recognize and permanently remove the emotional barriers that prevent you from tapping into your own inner strength. FEIT gives you a technique to open your senses, put your mind at rest and reach your inner calmness. You will learn to use your senses as an active tool in day to day live.

FEIT quickly solves long lasting (repeating) emotions, improves happiness and helps you to reach for any objective. There is no need to excavate your past. The technique gives quick results, has a practical approach and proves to be very efficient.

FEIT training
In the first individual FEIT session you experience how the FEIT technique works. You will learn how your body quickly resolves emotions and how you can reach for inner calmness. The technique builds upon your own natural ability to feel and teaches you how to mobilize inner calmness in any situation to reach for your objectives. Once your are capable of doing that, you will gain trust in yourself and your future. You feel relieved, clear in mind, powerful and conscience of yourself. FEIT is the bases to handle change and guide life to go where you want. After the initial session you will be able to practice the technique where and whenever you want and formulate your own objectives for your further development.

In the following FEIT sessions you learn how to effectively use your senses and calmness to gain insight during everyday life and work. After two to three session you will have solved where you came for, you know how to invoke FEIT in any situation and will have experienced that you know more than you think. You can train FEIT any time to explore and enhance your capabilities.

Cost per FEIT session for organizations € 250 excluding VAT
Session duration: 1,5 hour

More about FEIT
Physical feeling is the core of FEIT. It is substantially different to any other known way of sensing and opposite to what we have learned in our past. The concept of control over emotions by means of understanding is left behind. Using FEIT will give a natural grip of ourselves. With lasting results.

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